Often, the answer is (perhaps disappointingly) straightforward:

Step up

But in the structures in which we find ourselves, this can be confusing, counter-intuitive: the local emphasis can be on short-term progress (sprints, quarters).

Ignore that.

Then, how do we promote doing more?

As a friend said to me once:

Model the shit out of it

  • Show people what success looks like
  • Encourage little things
    • address tech debt
    • take grunt work from those around you to understand what support you’ve been getting
  • Long-term wins happen through conversations, cross-team introductions
  • Be vulnerable
    • if you’re experienced, ask questions about things that you don’t know — this provides a warm environment for others to ask questions
      • i’m familiar with python 2, etc, but what is this unfamiliar syntax? // oh, it’s from python 3!
    • if you’re less experienced, ask questions that may seem dumb (but that everyone’s probably thinking) — this is a great way to learn!
      • why not just do X?